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61 Live from Las Vegas

We’re having some issues right now with getting our audio episodes out. There will be an audio version out of this episode, but we wanted to give you something, so here’s the video of the recording from the ProMed Network. You can read ProMed’s blog post about the EMS Newbie episode on their site.

Thanks again to ProMed for bringing us to Las Vegas and doing a great job netcasting all the podcasts done from there.

Now on to the kilted ones.

SP 06 Paramedic Doctor Ryan Hodnick

(22:40) Ever wonder what it is like to go from paramedic to doctor? Well in this episode you will find out. Ron interviews Dr Ryan Hodnick a resident in Emergency Medicine at UNLV medical school in Las Vegas. He answer’s Ron’s questions about why ER docs do things and what EMS can do to help them. Also talks about what it is like to change from paramedic to doctor.

Paramedic Doctor Questions

This evening I’m interviewing a Emergency Medicine Resident who used to be a paramedic before medical school for the show.

I know it is short notice, but if you have any questions about how things look from the other side leave a comment. Interview starts at 6:30 PM Central time.