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Recorded during Ron’s EMT-Basic Class.

Ep 13 The Best of Basic

[audio:13_BestOfBasic.mp3] (53:40) Special best of episode. Ron was off on Vacation between Basic and starting P-school, so our audio wizard Marc put together this best of episode. Some of the funniest, most touching and most practical stuff. New to the show and want to know what it is like? This is the episode to listen to.


Ep 12 Finally

[audio:12_Finally.mp3] (29:43) Ron goes through his final skills tests and the Final Exam. In the process almost failed out on traction splint. Kelly tells us how to auscultate a fracture. We discuss “Getting Your Patch” and what comes next. Registering with the State. Registering with National Registry. Waiting for my school work to be certified by our medical director and sent to NR. Taking the Test. Waiting for the state to send me my certification/patch.

Live Listener Question

Matt – Palpating a diastolic BP.


Ep 11 – Patient Assessment Failure

[audio:11_PatientAssFail.mp3] (43:43) Learn how Ron failed and then passed Patient Assessment Medical and how that could be a good thing.

Ron also retook his CPR for heathcare provider this weekend, find out why and how that’s important to the newbie.

It is coming down to the final week of class and Ron could be an EMT Basic before the end of the month.

How long should you do CPR? An hour? Listen to find out.

Listener Questions

Lisa O’Connor
Ron – Do any of the students in your class have tattoos?
Kelly – How are tattoos responded to in EMS?
I have been told that I will not ever be hired since I have a small cherry tattoo on each forearm. I have 9 total, but those are the two that “show”. Some have said its no problem, wear a long sleeve under shirt, while others say patients are offended and it makes companies look dirty.
I start school in January, and honestly, am a little nervous about my ink. I just want to know if I should be?

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