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61 Live from Las Vegas

We’re having some issues right now with getting our audio episodes out. There will be an audio version out of this episode, but we wanted to give you something, so here’s the video of the recording from the ProMed Network. You can read ProMed’s blog post about the EMS Newbie episode on their site.

Thanks again to ProMed for bringing us to Las Vegas and doing a great job netcasting all the podcasts done from there.

Now on to the kilted ones.

Intermediate Listener Questions

Coming to the end of another semester and there’s a month long break, so we’re doing another Listener Question Episode.

Got a question for Kelly or Ron? Pretty much anything is fair game, though you might not get the answer you want if you’re being a smart ass.

Leave your question as a comment below, email it to us, or call it it using the number in the side bar.

Once a reporter asked President George Bush senior, “How often do you have sex with your wife?”

His quick response, “As often as possible.”