81 NREMT Skills Testing

(34:56) Ron passed his oral boards but didn’t pass all of his skills. This week we talk about pediatric airways and prepping for the written exam. Also mentioned, doing drug math, paramedic test prep books and CPR HD.



Listener Questions

Matt asks:

I will be graduating college this coming December with a bachelors degree in Political Science and French (yes, I know my major in strange for a person interested in medicine!) I’m also hoping to be done with my Paramedic program around that same time. I’m really interested in research, what kind of opportunities are out there for EMS research?

What are some of the major differences between a rual EMS system as opposed to one set up in a major city?
JP Asks:
My question is do you have to be great at math to be a medic. I really struggle in my algebra classes in high school. Through out my emt-b program I haven’t seen very much math, but will it come back to haunt me in my medic course? I appreciate any advice you guys give me and look forward to your answer.