77 Breakdown

(38:42) Ron has a bit of an emotional breakdown during a clinical this week and we talk about the effects of fatigue and how you handle not knowing what to do. Also how do you know when you are ready?

What I Did This Week

Assessment Based Management

More scenarios and I’m wondering a little how much it is helping.


You know you are in EMS when you have to stop asking your patients what day of the week it is because you don’t know the answer.
Both days my first call was run at 0558. Walk in the door and get toned out.
Tip to other newbies, be ready when you walk in the door. Have you stuff in your pockets.

Lost it after a call on Monday.
What do you do when you don’t know what to do?

One thing from scenarios, sometimes there isn’t anything you can really do, so you just support ABCs.


Listener Questions

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Hey Ron and Kelly:

I am a very hot-natured person. In my current A-EMT Class we are required to wear uniforms that consist 5.11 pants, a t-shirt and a uniform shirt. We are to always have both shirts on. Is there a way I can stay cool in this uniform instead of sweating like a pig in the middle of a classroom and especially during my clinicals? I have heard that Under Armour keeps you cool but I have also heard it holds the heat in. Do you have any suggestions for a fat southern boy that sweats when its only 70 degrees here in Georgia?


Tim “Future NR-AEMT”

Question for Kelly,
I recently purchased your book and read the chapter “Crying Wolf”. Could you explain more about the “White Lead CPR” and any other quirks that you may know about when messing with the leads on the ECG? Thanks!

Learned something new today, but wanted to hear your opinion on the matter.

Had a patient who was hyperventilating, and seeing as how we are unable to use the paper bag method, the medic decided to use a NRB on 4lpm. This method did help to slow the respiration rate from about 40bpm to around 28bpm.

Have you ever heard of doing this before, or do you have any other ideas on what one could do?