68 Kidneys and Geriatrics

(42:07) This week we talk note taking technologies, nephronology, bio-chemistry, greek god’s wooden parts, and army medics. Kelly also points out lucrative markets for lawyers in EMS that might change it for the better.

What I Did This Week

Ron wwitched note taking and recording technologies. Livescribe to Evernote

Medical Emergencies

1% per year after 40
Acetamenophen and alcholol and there is a drug/hormone/enzyme given to handle it.
Missing testicular torsion
Greek good Priapus
I’m Dr Google’s assistant

Pharmodynamics – PD – drug on the body
pharmacokinetics – PK – body working on the drug, ADME – Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion 28:00

Special Populations

This is going to be if not already is our biggest patient population
Do you does drugs different on a regular basis based on patient age?
DNR bracelets – lack of understanding in EMS?


None, but I did pick the person I want for my clinical internship.
And I applied to work for a service here in Abilene.


Livescribe Smartpen
GEMS – Geriatric EMS
Fort Sam Houston Military Medical Education and Training school
Texas DNR law

(i) Out-of-Hospital DNR Identification devices. As an optional means of identification, a patient may obtain, at patient’s expense, an OOH-DNR device. An OOH-DNR device, as approved by the Department of State Health Services, must meet the following requirements:
(1) An intact, unaltered, easily identifiable plastic identification OOH-DNR bracelet, with the word “Texas” (or a representation of the geographical shape of Texas and the word “STOP” imposed over the shape) and the words “Do Not Resuscitate,” shall be honored by qualified EMS personnel in lieu of an original OOH-DNR order form.
(2) An intact, unaltered, easily identifiable metal bracelet or necklace inscribed with the words, “Texas Do Not Resuscitate – OOH” shall be honored by qualified EMS personnel in lieu of an OOH-DNR order form.

Listener Questions

My second topic is, I have worked with a few people who have either ridden along or have gone on the call while volunteering with a fire department where they have been kicked of the rig for one reason or another. Either it be misconduct, or freezing up on a scene. Have you ever had to kick anyone off your ambulance for their actions or misconduct and why did you do it? – Joseph
I was wondering about online paramedic schools and your thoughts? – Phillip
Do they teach medics how to do a FAST 1? I would assume it’s not much different from using an EASY IO, but, i figured i would ask. – Ryan
What do you guys think of EMS providers carrying a concealed handgun on their person while responding and providing care. As Firearm enthusiast do you Cary or have you considers carying while on the truck for self defense.

5 thoughts on “68 Kidneys and Geriatrics”

  1. This is in reference to the note taking portion of this show:

    I use both Microsoft Office OneNote, and Evernote. I think that OneNote is a little more power user friendly, but Evernote is great because it also backs up all your notes to a server. I start Paramedic in January, and we are using the Jones and Bartlett books, but I will definitely be doing notes on my laptop with recordings.

  2. This a random question for Ron: Do you plan on advancing any further once you get your paramedic? Like maybe to a PA or nurse, or go the route Kelly took and specialize in a particular branch of EMS?

  3. Kelly had mentioned over on his blog that he was using his Iphone as a vein light. He said he downloaded the ‘usual apps’.

    What are the apps for Iphone worth getting.

    I bought the EMS field guide by Informed Publishing. 

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