Veinlite LED Review

Translite gave me a couple of Veinlites to try out and I’ve been using the Veinlite LED on my hospital clinicals. I put together a video talking about how it works, even showing it on myself. There is also some discussion about getting an IV on the end.

Couple of things I didn’t put in the review.

It’s LED not LCD. If you’ve listened to the show long you know I have verbal dyslexia.

The LED will work for 6 hours of continuous use from a full charge with one of the two lights on. If you put on both lights – which I did for my test – it logically last about half that time, 3 hours. This is the time if you just turned it on and left it on. It made it through multiple 8 hour shifts in the ER, without needing a recharge.

The video is super high def, but both YouTube and Vimeo choked on it. Vimeo flickers and YouTube pops in the audio. I’ll work on getting it better in the future.

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