59 12 Leads

(36:47) Ron learned the basics of 12 leads finally. We also talk about equipment failure on scene, and changing stethoscopes.

Listener Questions

Newbie resource page.
3M Littmann 2632 Master Classic II Stethoscope

Listener Questions

Gary Stewart posted on Confessions of an EMS Newbie’s Wall.
“Just received my card in the mail so now I’m looking for a job in EMS. Any tips on resume presentation, job search,etc.?”

Anyways my first question is regarding drugs for nebulizer treatments. The protocols at my EMS service for COPD/dyspnea include giving neb treatments with 2.5mg of albuterol mixed with 4mg of dexamethasone sodium phosphate (AKA: decadron). I’ve researched information on the drug but cannot find any literature on using it in combination with albuterol for nebulizer treatments. The usual EMS usage for decadron seems to be for cerebral edema, anaphylaxis, and COPD. Yet, it is given either IV or IM. It seems like the standard EMS neb treatment is albuterol and atrovent. What’s are your thoughts on using decadron vs atrovent?

What’s the deal with mean arterial pressure?
I’ve heard a map of 60 means everything is perfusing. Is it a number worth knowing or will I embarrass myself if I try to slip it into an ER report?

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