58 CHF

(36:33) This week Ron studied CHF and asks “Why do they call it congestive heart failure?” He also had Exam III cardiology. He and Kelly discuss how traing for a code is different for nurses and paramedics.

Last week we talked about how everyone shouldn’t get oxygen and Ron mentioned his medical director sent out a protocol memo saying almost the exact some thing. Then there is a brief discussion of how great HCEC’s medical director Dr. George Kiss is.

On the ambulance this week Ron collected my first strip. He could actually look at it and know something was wrong and have an idea what it was.Saw his first use of CPAP and first NPA insertion.


Harris County Emergency Corp
Medscape’s Interesting EKG Compilation
Kilted to kick cancer

Listener Questions

MariannaI am an older, brand spanking new EMT with my local EMS service. We are all volunteer. My issue is with my co-workers who are young enough to be my kids. While they have been on the job for years and their skills are flawless, they are almost rude and disrespectful to elderly, DEAF, and mentally ill folk. Not to mention their disrespectful comments about their patients after the call is over. I have only run a few shifts and have kept my mouth shut, but this really bugs me. I know it’s just a generational thing but I could really use some tips on how to “bridge” the generation gap. They want respect, I want it too for myself as well as for some of our patients, esp. since I have 30 years of work experience (not EMS related). Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much, love your show. Marianna
Ryan Klackle- “You should do an NREMT-B Prep podcast with things people should know, what they should study, and what to expect. I know it would help me out a lot.”

Daniel’s research question – cardiovascular effects of recreational and illicit drug use.

3 thoughts on “58 CHF”

  1. This is a question for each of you.

    Ron: Since you have been doing the schooling and have gone on a few calls, how has your view of EMS changed from your orginal thoughts of EMS in general? If so, what about?

    Kelly: After all the years of schooling and the many calls you have run, has your thoughts or views on EMS as a whole changed, and if so, what about?

    Love the podcast guys! Keep it up!!

  2. Always enjoy the show … Kelly and I might be the first two paramedics to ever publicly admit we are not 12 lead experts and have room for improvement. Reassuring that Kelly strives to get better in this area, just as I do. 

    In episode 109 of the EMSEduCast we discussed some of the challenges of supervising and teaching 20 somethings – Their Expectation is Clear Expectations ( http://www.emseducast.com/archives/682)

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