EMS Newbie Essay Contest: And We Have A Winner!

The judging was extremely close, with the spread between first and third place being a mere  five points, but the three-way tie is now broken, and we can announce the winners!

Each winner has already been contacted individually, so now we can reveal them to you. In no particular order, the eleven finalists are:

Katie Boudreaux

Wm. Matthew Brittain

Kimberly Spuhler

Jennifer A. Martin

MacKenzie Kelsey

Jessica Cates

Daniel Gackowski

Tracey K. Adams

Chris Lampi

Bridgette S. Walker

Mary Kate Kelly

Our third place essay is by Jennifer A. Martin:


Accepting Social Media’s Positive Influence

Social media is a positive influence; with it comes an opportunity to receive the wisdom, support, and guidance necessary from those around me. It is said as EMT’s we never stop learning, what better way than to have access to a seemingly infinite EMT text book. Facebook, twitter etc. act like a makeshift EMT text book, one that is frequently altered by an immense amount of people with personal experience, commendable knowledge, and renowned facts.

Social media allows me to connect with teachers, classmates, friends, family, and co-workers, all at the push of a button or tap of a touch screen. People with the potential and competence to not only make me a better EMT but a better person as well. From the small things like classmates and co-workers blogging on how they deal with the stress and loss that sometimes come with the job, to face booking about up-coming study groups, meetings and events that will make school and work a little bit easier. Pod casting lectures and conferences, giving me the opportunity to learn a little bit more about what was offered when attending is out of the question. Even to tweeting about how much they love their job and what I have to look forward to when I start making a difference.

With those around me, having chosen to endure the same tests, make the same deadlines and still enjoy it as much as I do, makes me realize I am in the right profession. Social media will not only allow others to help me, but also allow me to help others in the process. The daily updates and even hourly posts from people I trust and look up to, posts on how they get through the day dealing with what we sometimes see and feel and what they have done to feel better. And on those days when things get tough and quitting seems to be the easier way out, I know I can turn to face book for a study buddy or blog about how to cope with the stress from that day. Teaching each other through posts, blogs and the conversations we carry out day to day, and tears we share are not always for bad reasons. Helping each other grasp that the good will always outweigh the bad no matter how rough it may get by the end of the day. Social media allows us to see the joy we all experience even if we cannot be by each other physically when we may need it most. When I do really well on a test or make a great save, and telling everyone at once seems impossible. Certain I can still share my happiness and success through social media with everyone who have helped me in my journey, no matter where they might reside in this copious world on that day is a vast feeling.

Without the constant connection, support, and help I get out of social media from those who I trust most around me, I would find it harder to hack the EMS profession, I would struggle to handle what I go through and my studies would suffer. Everything in life will influence me, allowing it to be good or bad is actually my choice. It is how I accept it, break it down, and truly let it work in my favor rather than against me, does it then become a positive influence on me.

Congratulations to all our finalists, and to Jennifer Martin on her 3rd place essay!

Tune in Friday to read our 2nd place essay…