52 Cardiac Monitors

(29:01) This week the newbie learned how to break up, interpret, analyze, something EKG wave forms. We talk about the algorithm he learned and some tips from Kelly.

And Kelly says he loves poo poo.

Ron was also shown three cardiac monitors and we talk about the good and the bad of monitors.


Interpreting Algorithm
Rhythm – regular/irregular
Rate – how do your calculate it normally? Look at the machine. Count 6 seconds. Count small squares.
P Waves (PUPUR) – Present, Upright, Preceeding, Uniform, Ratio
PRI – Constant/consistant, in normal range?
QRS – Equal duration, What is the duration? Normal range? What do they look like? Eptoics.
ST Segment – T Waves

Lifepack 12 and Lifepak 15 from Physio Control
Phillips HeartStart

Listener Questions

Hey Kelly and Ron -I was driving in upstate New York and saw a vehicle, slightly larger than a mini van, that said “Ambulette” on the side, with an address and phone number – all the letters in those peel and stick things you get at the hardware store and make any vehicle look completely fly-by-night. What the heck is an ambulette?

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