Intermediate Listener Questions

Coming to the end of another semester and there’s a month long break, so we’re doing another Listener Question Episode.

Got a question for Kelly or Ron? Pretty much anything is fair game, though you might not get the answer you want if you’re being a smart ass.

Leave your question as a comment below, email it to us, or call it it using the number in the side bar.

Once a reporter asked President George Bush senior, “How often do you have sex with your wife?”

His quick response, “As often as possible.”

5 thoughts on “Intermediate Listener Questions”

  1. Kelly

    I ran into my old MFR partner the other day & he related to me on a recent call he had. The Patient had an obvious ankle fracture. the patient was wearing a over the ankle style work boot. My former partner elected to leave the boot in place & use a pillow splint to immobilize the ankle.He was able finish splinting the ankle when the BLS truck arrived on scene. the BLS crew then proceeded to undo the pillow splint & remove the boot without giving the patient any pain medication first. This caused the patient considerable amount of pain because all the BLS crew did was unlace the boot and pull the boot off. The BLS crew then used a air splint for the ankle. My question is Kelly have you ever had this problem before & what would the reasoning be for removing the boot if it was helping to maintain immobilization??

    One last thing, Do you have any other ideas or places to look where I can find a EMT-B job. I am running into the old catch-22 problem. All the for profit ambulance companies i have spoken with are looking for Basics with experience (which I definitely don’t have) & how do i get experience without a job?? Most of the fire departments around here are volunteer based & want a fire fighter trained EMT. I have no interest becoming a hose monkey especially at my age ( I’m only 3 years younger than you (Kelly) & Ron). any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

  2. This is a question for mainly Kelly, but, Ron I’d love your opinion too!
    2 questions

    First would you say having moderate asthma that is well controled on medication and moderate sciliousous be a problem working as a paramedic?

    I plan on taking my medic class and working throughout it as an EMT and get some experience in the field and then move onto med school after about year of being a medic. Your opinion?

    Thank you

    Oh and I finished Kelly’s book not long ago and loved it! My non medical friends even enjoy it as much as I do 🙂


  3. A) why do you believe acid base balance to be an important topic

    B) talk about international EMS and looking beyond your horizon – I’m currently touring the UK and north America…and what an eye opener it is to experience different systems. Highly recommended!

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