Ep 45 Intermediate Testing And Crime Scenes

(55:38) Ron is starting to think he’s on “Survivor: Paramedic School” as classmates seem to be leaving in droves. He took is National Registry EMT-I skills tests this week, listen to learn how he did.

In EMS Operations he studied Crime Scenes and asks Kelly “How do you handle crime scenes? What about cases where you aren’t sure there is a problem? How often does this come up? How do you keep your awareness up? How do you balance safety and paranoia?”


Listener Questions

Ryan Klackle – What do you think of private Ambulance services such as AMR? It doesn’t seem logical to only want to be treated by a single ambulance service. am i understanding the concept incorrectly? or is this just something that is just in Michigan. Also, what is the difference between a wilderness first responder and an EMT-B or EMT-I? Thanks! Love the Podcast
BJ – We have been having some…odd mega codes in our paramedic class and i was wondering what the two of your oppinions would be. Here is an example of one i had yesterday.

17yo Male that OD’s on grandma’s tricyclic antidepressants, in the garage where he get’s organophosphate poisoning and downs a bottle of benzodiazepines after getting bitten by a poisonous snake, then falls from a ladder and gets bilateral femur fractures?

Chris – Have either of you ever experienced EMS as a patient yourself? Without getting too personal , I’d like to hear about how this changed your views on patient care and comfort (if at all.) Did your medical knowledge comfort you or make you more anxious as a patient? Just curious.
Cam – I was just reading En Route and was curious if Kelly called out Dr. Bryan Bledsoe when he was on your show about glove flutter valves, as well as tape sticking to petroleum gauze? thanks

8 thoughts on “Ep 45 Intermediate Testing And Crime Scenes”

  1. Ron you were saying about holding c-spine on a patient who is prone. I learned how to do that and roll the patient on to the spine board in basic class. I even asked Kelly a question in here about that because I was having a problem doing that roll without having to stop and repositioning my hands. I finally figured out how to do it.

  2. To BJ, we had a proctor like that. He did things just to mess with us. He had a trauma station. Guy fell off a roof. Unresponsive, decreased lung sounds, pale cool…. blah blah. Ends up he was on the roof putting peanut butter on his chest. He is allergic to peanuts. Just stupid. He dinged us because we didn’t ask if there was any rash or angioedema. Another one was a guy who was blown up, fell through 3 windows and landed on a snake and was bit. That guy was an ass hole.

  3. I just got introduced to your podcast from the Urban Survival Blog and Podcast that you were a guest on recently.
    I am glad that I looked up what a KED was.
    My 3/yo daughter injured herself at a McDonalds play area (which I know understand is not a suprise according to the EMT’s and the ER doc) while she was with a baby sitter.  Long story short when we met the ambulance at the ER we saw that they used a KED (I know know the name) to transport her.
    So thanks to you all I am now more familiar with the equipment used.

  4. KED’s are great for kids. The long hard plastic board we use on adults is really too big, and the KED does the same thing for a kid. And it is padded.

    Welcome to the podcast.

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