Ep 42 Thorax

(35:21) After obscure references to comedic science fiction, Kelly and Ron talk about Thoracic Trauma and answer some listener questions. Chest decompression, sucking chest wounds, and pericardialtamponade, oh yeah.


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Listener Questions

From Kevin T:
Hello, I’m almost finished with my EMT-B class and I was wondering, when I finish the course and get my certification, is it better to work as an ER Tech or volunteer with the fire department to get experience??
Mike wrote:

Kelly & Ron, do I have a question for you guys this time.

I know this is a *oh so wonderful* subject close and dear to Kelly’s heart, but for spinal immobilization, if the patient has an injury on their back that prohibits you from laying them supine, how do you secure them to the backboard on their side? Honestly curious, because my EMT textbook shows nothing on how to properly immobilize a patient in that position, and well, even though research has proven backboards suck at their jobs, I don’t need a lawyer coming down on me further down the road. Especially in my state of Massachusetts.

3 thoughts on “Ep 42 Thorax”

  1. great show guys! man i love this thing you guys have going on here. its great knowing theres guys like you all that love educating the new guys like myself. i will be starting emt-b class all other again in june 1st for the reason being that i took my emt-b class in 11th grade and finished before graduating, i tried sitting for the national but after alot of talking and law searching they didnt allow me. but thats not bringing me down, im gonna do it all over again and pass with flying colors and become a better emt-b then i ever would have been. so thank you guys for making this great tool for the future of ems! take care guys. jorge from miami fl

  2. Guys,
    Love the show even though Ive been a paramedic for almost 10 yrs.

    As for obscure references, I make a comment in our electronic PCR training that compares a conventional HDD to an old LP record. Man do I get some dumb looks until I start talking CD’s or DVD’s.

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