Ep 35 Shock, Air Medical And NIMS

(33:34) Trauma seems to come down to shock, and that’s what Ron has been focused on. So we talk shock and patient assessment.

Everyone loves the helicopters. This week Ron also studied aeromedical and we talk about they can and can’t do.

And lastly NIMS – the National Incident Management System. The course work of which is enough to make you want to cause a MCI.

Listener Questions

Harry Ford – Australian born and am moving to Houston to begin my degree in EMT (same as you) in august. and i am so pumped. Last year my Girlfriend and I were in Houston and we were robbed. Long story short, an ambulance was called (no one was hurt) but My GF had previous Asthma and i thought having her in a safe Ambo might help her calm down. as well as obviously being the safest place if she did have an attack. when the Ambo turned up i can remember three things the paramedic said to her or me, “whats wrong?” .”Are you having an attack?” and “Sign here” he showed all the emotion of a rock. i was furious and had there not been police around the area, i could have easily given him a knuckle or two of my thoughts. In all of my training and testing even at a basic level, i was taught that bed side manner, was key, you don’t want your patient to feel like they should be ashamed or guilty for calling you out. even if its non- life-threatening. in our exams, if we missed one or two minor points but had a good relationship with the patient, the examiner would over look it. Are you taught patient care and service or some kind of customer service in your course? do you feel it needs to be taught more or is it a sad standard across Houston/Texas I’m hoping you will tell me it was just a one off and i know there are people in every country in every company or service that has th same poor attitude, it just concerns me that he is a full paramedic as was his partner which was equally as quiet. and no one else around seemed put off by his poor attitude. a few re-assuring words would have gone a long way to calming down my partner but all she got was a cold stethoscope (figuratively and physically)


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  1. I’m just getting around to catching up with the pod casts. NIMS online training may be a joke, but it’s not necessarily the worst thing floating around the medical world. I present to you TeamSTEPPS, which my entire class has to work through for an interprofessional course that we’re required to do (to note, though, my university does have 9 health science programs). Of course the online quizzes or group projects essentially turn into control-F’ing our way through the documents. The videos, on the other hand, are often worth the watch for the terrible acting and writing.

    Material: http://www.ahrq.gov/teamsteppstools/instructor/fundamentals/index.html

    Videos: http://www.ahrq.gov/teamsteppstools/instructor/videos.htm

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