Ep 34 – Blunt and Penetrating

(1:00:32) Kelly and Ron braved the horrible winter weather here in the south to bring you this week’s episode, so don’t miss it. We talk about what makes a good medic both personality-wise and medically. Kelly gives a really good football based metaphor for where EMS fits into the overall field of medicine.

We talk about assessment at MVCs. Whether we’ve become too focused on the terrorist threat in EMS, and you get an everything you always wanted to know about firearms discussion as well. Finally we discuss flight medics and nurses.

Listener Questions

Alex – We ran a call the other day with a combative patient. He had to be physically restrained by several firefighters just to keep him from attacking us. He was diabetic and gave every impression of having low blood sugar, but when we checked his sugar it came back around 250-ish. The medic hit him with some versed and he almost immediately became the friendliest guy in the world. We were never able to determine why he was acting the way he was. There wasn’t alcohol on his breath. Any speculation as to what might have been going on?

just some kid – know your system’s rules will be different from those in this country, but i am wondering what would happen if you were called to a family member or a friend, or someone you are close to came into the ER, would you treat them yourself, or would you step back and (if it’s possible) let your partner or someone else treat them. i know it is not always going to be possible with most crews, but if you had the choice. i would like to know your personal opinion more than what your guidelines say


Family Matters
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Point Blank by Gary Kleck
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Colonel Cooper’s 4 Rules of Firearm Safety

  1. All guns are always loaded.
  2. Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on the target.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

Wikipedia Overview of Gun Safety
—Jeff Cooper

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9 thoughts on “Ep 34 – Blunt and Penetrating”

  1. Great show this week as usual, but for one little thing. Listening to you two compaining about how cold it is down there in TX & LA. Here in Michigan this morning it was -8°F and that was at 8am several school districts in my area delayed the start of class by a couple of hours so that it wouldnt be so cold for the kids who walk to school or have to stand & wait at the bus stop. It has been this cold here for the last several days with last nights temps being the worse of it all. Just try to remember that when your compaining about it being below freezing. Thanks guys

  2. Heh. Looks like the needling worked, Ron!

    KJ, the whole banter at the beginning of the show was just a big exercise in “Neener, neener, neener!” to our listeners who live in colder climes. 😉

  3. I agree with KJ it has been very cold one of the things not mentioned besides ice, snow and cold is the wind chill factor. Some of the local fire departments have water rescue teams and they take specialized courses in ice water rescue. I am looking forward to the weekend there is a heat wave coming temperatures are predicted to get into the mid to high 30’s.

  4. This is the southern U.S., Gerald! Our philosophy is, if two syllables is good, stretching it out into three is even better! We even get bonus redneck points if we mispronounce it!

    Try it with me: “Glaaaaaask – eye – ooowwwww.”

    It really helps if you can roll a toothpick or match stick around in your mouth when you say it. If you can master that, you’re well on your way to speaking like a Southerner. 😉

  5. touche Kelly! One of these time if you have the nerve!! you (Kelly) will have to come up here (Michigan) in the winter once if you want to really experience cold weather. Besides there are great winter sports for you to partake in, Ice fishing, ( just another excuse to sit outside and drink beer) rabbit hunting etc.

  6. With patients and seat belts in MVC’s a number of rescue organisations in Australia are tought to cut seat belts rather than removing them. This means that there is no confusion as to weather is was worn or removed by rescuers.

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