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[audio:SP3_BillDreesInterview.mp3] (1:08:22) This week we have another special episode where Ron interviews the head of his paramedic program Dr. Bill Drees. They talk specifically about the program Ron is in and why it is structured the way it is. What impact will the NREMT accreditation requirement have on paramedic programs and The Street vs The School.

Dr Drees also answers listener questions.

Listener Questions:

Jamie Davis, podmedic: I’d like to find out what his views are on expanding the amount of distance learning allowed for re-certification of providers? Many EMS providers are working two jobs to make ends meet. Having a cost-effective and time-saving way to gain continuing education credits is imperative in retention of our existing providers.

Timothy Clemans: What would you change to BLS training?
Simon: What curriculum changes does he think are necessary to form a good base for increased pay for medics?

How to Hack the Psychology of Student Motivation

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3 thoughts on “SP 03 Dr Bill Drees”

  1. Ron,

    Thanks for a very informative podcast! Wow… I learned a lot about Lone Star College’s program and direction. I’m researching EMT-P programs right now, and this was a huge help.

    At both Harris County ESD-1 and Cypress Creek EMS, there are specific programs you need to go through to be qualified to be an “EMT Incharge”, or to be a second medic on a unit who rides with patients and writes reports. With both services, you need to have complete knowledge of the protocols/SOPs/COGs (which is tested through both written testing and interviews or skills tests), the policies and procedures, vehicle operations, and the ePCR systems. I’m working my way through that qualification process with both services, so let me know if you have any questions. Without earning that status, you are basically riding as a third “extra hand” under direction of the crew. After writing all the reports for EMT clinicals, it’s actually kind of nice to just be helping and not writing!

    Hope that helps and see you on the streets!

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