Ep 32 Trauma and EMS Ops

[audio:32_TraumaAndEMSOps.mp3] (34:27) Back in school again. We go over Ron’s schedule for this semester, talking about Trauma, EMS Operations, Methods of Teaching EMS, and Paramedic Clinicals. Talking about working in the ICU Kelly tells a story where he was creeped out on a transport.

Along the way we discuss, NIMS, PHTLS, PASG/MAST and permissive hypotension. We also answer a number of questions and Kelly says he’s going to be politically incorrect.

Listener Questions

How much of a difference isthere in scope of practice between NREMT-B and MA-EMT-B?
Any idea of a general starting wage for a per-diem EMT-B?
In your opinions, what works better on an unresponsive patient: NPA or OPA?

Hi Ron and Kelly, I am a listener from Switzerland, Europe, and have a question. Me and my EMS colleagues here are discussing the usage of the Trendelenburg position for patients with (possible) shock. Although it seems the position does not do any good, http://www.cjem-online.ca/v6/n1/p48I just learned in an EMT-Basic class in California to use it and it is still in the newest (10th edition) EMT book of the AAOS. Dou you guys have anything usefull to say about whether or not to use the Trendeleburg or modified Trendelenburg?


Ken Maddox paper, “Mattox KL, Bickell W, Pepe PE, et al: Prospective MAST study in 911 patients. J Trauma 1989;29:1104-1112.”
Too Old To Young To Retire
PASG White Paper

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  1. You are the man Joe. I looked all over for that PASG white paper and
    couldn’t find it.

    OK, I googled it for about 10 minutes. But that’s looking all over for
    the modern generation.

    I’ll add it to the show notes.

  2. Man if I can get through penetrating trauma next week with a B&B
    reference it’ll be a miracle. 🙂

    But which one of us would be Bevis and which Butthead? I am the blond…

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