Ep 6 The Beginnings of Trauma

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In this episode we talk about Trauma, or at least we start talking about it because that’s what Ron is studying. There is a discussion of learning the kinematics of trauma and then bleeding. Kelly gives a discussion on Tourniquets and not cringing at the trauma pictures.

Ron spent more time in the hospital, still with a white cloud. Learn what he learned from his preceptor this time and more discussion of 12 lead EKG.

This is the last discussion of Kelly’s book with the last chapter. Then we talk Blood Pressure machines.


Report on how people come to the hospital.

The Rale Respository of breath sounds.

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3 thoughts on “Ep 6 The Beginnings of Trauma”

  1. Good on ya both for the discussion on tourniquets! This is a problem here in that it is NOT taught in EMT classes, and some instructors are still saying NEVER use these devices. The state protocols allow the use, but the instructors are mis-leading the students and I find myself having to correct this teaching after the fact. E/D nurses also seem to be way behind the curve on this and we get treated like we mis-treated the patient. I know the trauma surgeon thinks differently.
    Great show again,
    Capt. Tom

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