What People Are Saying

“I have since been an loyal blog follower and I really enjoy listening to your podcasts, especially when I’m studying. That way, when my mind wanders, it is to something relevant. I call productive procrastination. Thanks” – Therese

“I’ve been following your show almost in tandem with my EMT-B schooling. It has been really helpful and entertaining. I hope you continue on with your podcast. It would also be great to hear you on the EMS garage if you haven’t already been Ron. It would be great to have your perspective, input and questions fielded. A loyal subscriber!” – Russell

“I found your podcast late last night and listened to 3 episodes before I fell asleep! Not because of the podcast mind you, but because it was 3am after working a 10 hour shift. It was a great podcast and wanted to thank you for doing it.” – Matthew

“I now look forward to the download every week and see this as an essential part of my daily dog walking.” – Mark Glencorse, UKMedic999

“Yesterday, the day after I listened to the podcast, we had a hypotensive patient. My partner couldn’t auscultate a blood pressure. Guess who got an accurate BP listening via the Bell of the stethoscope? Thanks for the tip!” – Flo (learned on the Bob Page Episode)

Listening to @rondavis007 ‘s “Confessions of an EMS Newbie” podcast. If you haven’t listened, punch yourself in the throat immediately. @AmboDriver is AWESOME on this podcast. I never cease to be amazed at the number of GREAT educators/colleagues we all have access to. – @grindermedic via twitter.