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SP 02 The Mark Glencorse Interview

[audio:SP2_MarkGlencorseInterview.mp3] (50:51) In this special episode Ron interviews UK paramedic Mark Glencorse, aka UKMedic999. He tries to ask everything you ever wanted to know about EMS – or Ambulance Service – in the UK but were afraid to ask.

How are medic’s trained? What are the levels of medic? How does medical direction work? Is ambulance service uniform through out the UK? What are transport times like? How do nurses and medics get along?

Along the way we talk about how changes in the UK system mean paramedics have to take on more responsibility. It is something we in the states need to listen to because some of the same problems that caused these changes are also at work in the US medical system.

Also Mark did some research and tells you how to become a medic in the UK for a limited time.

Listener Questions

What made him decide to make EMS a career? Is he familiar with a fire-station/dispatch center near Throckly? As I got to visit there when I was over visiting some friends in Newcastle. – Ctroberts01

– What do you think works better in the UK system that we need in the US systems?
– What protocols/treatments were you suprised at when you visited the US, be it rudimentary, advanced, or just strange?

I have some interest in working as a paramedic outside of the United States in the future. I am thinking canada or the UK; What would that process look like?
> Ben Wolcott W – EMT-B, Registered Maine Guide

An ever pressing issue here….pay differences. Is the respect that a Paramedic gets in the UK equal to or less than that an RN gets. And by the same token, what is the pay grade difference – First Due Medic

What laws or regulations control your ability to route people away from the A&E? – Happy Medic
Timothy Clemans – With what you know now what would you have done differently as a student?


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Why Mark became a medic post.
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Where To Find Mark
Blog: 999Medic
Twitter: @UKMedic999
Podcast: Ambulance Matters

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SP01 Interview Dr Bryan Bledsoe

[audio:SP1_DrBledsoeInterview.mp3] (53:17) This is a special episode where the EMS Newbie, Ron Davis, interviews Dr Bryan Bledsoe. As Kelly puts it, Dr. Bledsoe is a rock star in EMS. He speaks at numerous EMS conferences, teaches Emergency Medicine at the UNLV Medical School, and literally wrote the book on Paramedic Care. The 5 volume set Paramedic Care Principles and Practices is the text book for Ron and many paramedic’s training to get his EMT-P. He also wrote another of Ron’s textbook, Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology (6th Edition). He co-wrote with Kelly the SUCCESS! for the Critical Care Paramedic book, to prepare paramedics to get their Critical Care certification.

In this interview Ron talks with Dr. Bledsoe about why he is so involved in EMS. What changes he’s seen over the years and where he sees EMS going in the future. He answers listener questions, including what makes a good paramedic, what’s up with O2 administration being a bad thing, and are standing orders enough. There is also a little talk about how patient assessment taught in his book for paramedics is like that taught to medical students and if paramedics make better med students.

Lot’s of interesting stuff so give it a listen.

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