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SP09 My Clinical Preceptor – Sarah Francis McClure

(58:06) In this episode Ron talks with Licensed Paramedic Sarah Francis McClure his paramedic clinical internship preceptor about the time they spent together.

Tell us a little about you and how you became a paramedic.
What are your memories of your own clinical internship? How do they effect how you interact with students?
You have a lot of students on your truck, what’s the biggest mistake they make? What do they do right? What advice would you give them in general?

What did you think when I asked you to be my preceptor? I’m your first right?
What do think was the biggest problem I had starting out?
What was the biggest change you saw in me?
What do I still need to work on?
What was the hardest part of being my preceptor?

What did you learn from being my preceptor? Would you do it again? What would you do differently?

Any questions for me?

SP08 – National Test Prep

(26:25) This week the Newbie sets down with Joseph Storm of and talks about preparing for the national registry EMT and Paramedic tests. Joe gives some really great tips on taking and passing the test. What are the most common questions about Incident Command? What is the most common acidosis question and answer? Listen to this episode and find out.

Did you know current neuroscience says studying at a certain interval makes you more likely to learn the material. Listen to find out what that interval may be.

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Brain Rules Book.

SP 07 Wilderness EMS

(29:02) In Special Episode 7, Ron interviews Jeff Isaac from Wilderness Medical Associates.

Ron and Jeff discuss how wilderness doesn’t necessarily mean deep in the back country or in a cave, how the definition has changed over the years, and why WEMT is useful for all EMT and Paramedic practitioners.

Jeff is a physician assistant with a particular interest in backcountry and marine medicine. His 30 years of professional experience includes service as an ambulance and fire/rescue crewman, professional ski patroller, and medical staff in hospital emergency departments and ski area trauma clinics. He has also been a senior instructor and course director with the Hurricane Outward Bound School and has worked as mate and licensed captain aboard sail training vessels from New England to Trinidad.

Listener Questions

Bruce asks…
Most EMS personell say that WEMT is a waste…have you found that to be the attitude?
Andy W asks…
Does the Wilderness EMT program cover special considerations to take during cave rescues?
When would wilderness protocols take effect?