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Ep 2 – Sex And EMT Pants

[audio:02_Sex_and_EMT_Pants.mp3] (48:35)
This is episode 2 of Confessions of an EMS Newbie where we talk about Love, Sex, Relationships, and the EMT as well as Anatomy, Physiology, and those cool EMT Pants. The show begins with a discussion of Ron getting ready for clinicals and the trials of getting all his shots. We learn how Kelly does 200 mile, one way critical care transports, and why Hurricane Katrina is to blame.

Through number of comments Ron gets the idea is is easier to get laid in EMS. Kelly gives him the real scoop. And while EMS may get you married, it is hard being married to someone else in medicine and it hard being married to someone outside of it. Ron is already beginning to see a separation where he doesn’t want to tell his wife stories from EMS to protect her.

Talking from his book, Kelly explains how ambulances are staged, or positioned and what an ambulance station is like. And don’t get him started on System Status Management, but Ron did.

In the gear you really need, it is time for Ron to get his uniform, so we talk boots and pants. Do EMT’s really use those cool trauma shear straps? What is the biggest give away of a sparky new EMT? And what is in Kelly’s pockets?

Lucy Hornstein, Declarations of a Dinosaur: 10 Laws I’ve Learned as a Family Doctor

Boot makers: Magnum, High Tech, Bates, and Rocky.
Kelly’s review of Magnum boots

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Ep 1 – Newbie EMT Fears

[audio:01_EMT_Newbie_Fears.mp3] (49:05)
Our first episode, recorded the morning before Ron’s first EMT-Basic class. We talk about the fears he has before he ever gets started and Kelly – his Jedi master paramedic – calms those fears with ease.

Those fears are:
#1 I’ll have too weak a stomach to be an EMT.
#2 I’m not emotionally strong enough for it.
#3 I won’t be smart enough.

Other things we cover:
What are good and bad motivations for becoming an EMT? Stories including chicken and horse guts. We get Kelly’s opinion on CISM and the calls that haunt him. As well as how he think you should for studying for class.

Every episode we will also talk about Kelly’s book. This week you’ll learn everything about it and some of the hardcore paramedic stuff the editors thought to dangerous to include.

Lastly we start our section on the Gear a Newbie Really needs. Kelly brings it down to 3 things

  1. A Pen
  2. A Watch
  3. A Stethoscope

Ron’s Photography site and podcast, Photographer And Model
Kelly’s book En Route

Ron’s class is actually 12 weeks long and also has 2 5 hour extrication labs.

Critical Care Paramedic – Primarily deals with high acuity patient transfer.
Acuity – from acute; how sick the patient is. The higher the acuity the worst sick they are.
CISM – Critical Incident Stress Management.

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