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Ep 5 – First Hospital Clinical

[audio:05_FirstHospitalClinical.mp3] (53:18)

This week we talk about Ron’s first hospital clinical. His fears going in and some of the cool stuff he got to do. We also talk about the fact a 12 line EKG has 10 lines. How Ron got blood on his gloves, but Kelly didn’t like his BSI. And what paramedics do in the ER and why nurses don’t like it.

If you are new to EMS and EKGs, Kelly will tell you about the modified scrotal lead. You’ll also learn the GMFYOYO radio call.

Lastly every new EMT wants cool gear with him all the time. Find out what Kelly carries in his truck.

We answer a listener question from Timothy in Seattle about how to be the best you can be.

Mother, Juggs, and Speed

Too Old To Work, Too Young To Retire

The Thomas ALS Pack

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Ep 4 – Airways and Reports

[audio:04_AirwaysAndReports.mp3] (1:05:24)
This week we cover Airways and Reports on Confessions of an EMS Newbie. Ron’s class is doing skills labs in securing a patient to a backboard, airway management, oxygen and we discuss them all.

Some of Ron’s questions include, “Do paramedics use OPAs and NPAs? Or is intubation just the silver hammer of airways?”

Then we move onto writing reports, which Ron will have to do for his clinicals and he’s paranoid about. Kelly answers the question, “How do you remember everything that happens on a call for the report?”

We have a couple of listener questions. Katie asks how to make the most of a EMS ride along and Kelly’s answers will help anyone who is preparing to work on an ambulance, whether a ride along, for clinicals, or as the new guy on the truck.

And did you wonder what happen to the guy from the chicken gut truck? We’ll find out today.

In the book section we’ll talk about a very airway related story and what it is like to be sued as a paramedic.

In gear we talk EMS Pocket guides and how they can improve your reports.
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Ep 3 – DNR, Palpation and Medical Control

[audio:03_DNRPalpationMedicalControl.mp3] (39:18)

This week we talk about Ron’s first test and getting his shots finished up. Kelly gives some insight into what the National Registry test questions are like as well.

Then we go into taking vitals and Kelly gives a really great tip on palpating a pulse. We talk about medical control. How Kelly contacts them and when he does.

In the gear section we discuss blood pressure cuffs. And from he book and class we talk about DNRs and how Kelly deals with that one family member who wants you to do the resuscitation anyway.


There is a DNR Bracelet in Texas as well.
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The Pen Light Ron ordered.