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Ep 16 – Shooting Your Face Off

[audio:16_ShootingFaceOff.mp3] (29:43) This week we talk about an EMS guide to suicide, and how to start an tube on someone without a face. Ron’s finally offical, having passed his National Registry test and be certified by Texas as and EMT.

From class we talk about taking a patient history from a hypoglycemic diabetic is a waste of time, and how to establish and maintain a relationship with other healthcare professionals.

Kelly will be at the EMS Expo in Dallas September 27-OCt 1 and will have CDs with the first 13 episodes of Confessions to hand out and autograph.

We’ll both be on the Dr Anonymous show Thursday Sept 30 at 8PM Central Time.


Ep 15 Agenda for the Future and Drugs

[audio:15_Agenda_Drugs.mp3] (41:16) In this episode Kelly and Ron talk about the 1996 EMS Agenda for the Future, EMS 2.0, the community paramedic. Studying for the NREMT and learning to learn after 18 years out of school. Narcotic tracking and security. Hypothermal treatment and the Morgan Lens.


Study Hacks blog

How to Become a Straight-A Student by Cal Newport

Livescribe Pen

Keys to Student Mastery of EMT Training by Smith, Post and Jacobus

Kelly will be at the National EMS Expo in Dallas Sept 27-Oct1 and will be passing out CDs of the first 13 episodes of Confessions on an EMS Newbie.

Kelly and Ron will be on the Dr Anonymous show Sept 30 at 8:00 PM CT.

Kelly and Ron will be at the Texas EMS Conference in Austin Texas Nov 21-24 and will be doing a live episode.

And we are still taking questions for Ron’s interview with Dr. Bryan Bledsoe this month.


Ep 14 Beginning Paramedic School

[audio:14_BeginPSchool.mp3] (29:43) This week we talk about how many EMS schools there are in Texas and how many of them are accredited. Ron started the Lone Star College North Harris two year paramedic program, which is accredited, this week.

We talk a lot about that program and how it is structured. Ron asked the head of his program, Dr. Bill Drees about different rules they have like not requiring Anatomy and Physiology as a prerequisite and the no visible tattoo rule.

We also announced a few things that we will be doing. On September 23 we’ll be on the Dr Anonymous Show live on BlogTalk Radio. At that same time Kelly will be at the National EMS Expo in Dallas, Texas and wants you to meet him and buy him an adult beverage. In November we’ll be doing a live shot at the Texas EMS Expo in Austin, where you can meet both of us, ask your own newbie questions get autographs.

We also answer a listener question about going straight to P-school from basic.