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Ep 19 Thank God For Pigs

[audio:19_Pigs.mp3] (43:24) This week we talk about giving narcan, should you give nitro before or after getting an IV. Can an IV of Lactate’s Ringer cure a hangover?

What the inside of a heart looks like

We talk about doing patient assessment the same way every time and and getting your reports done quickly. Can an experienced paramedic get a pulse without a watch? Well you newbies can’t, so wear your watch. Looking for patients on scene and finding ones that weren’t there before.

Aimee Binning from NAEMT talks about the TACOS acronym


Naloxone: The Most Abused Drug in EMS

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Ep 18 Busy Busy

[audio:18_BusyBusy.mp3] (31:43) It’s been a crazy week for the newbie. 3 tests, first IV lab and first hospital clinical. We talk all about those tests, the ones that made him feel like a starfish and the ones that made him feel like Hank Arron. Kelly gives some tips on IVs and we answer a number of listener questions.


How do you keep your skills up when you aren’t in the field? Advice for a teenager who wants to be an EMT. What’s the best way to do IV pass-off.

Kelly’s post on medical math.

EMS Educast and the episode about EMS education for high school students.

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Ep 17 What If They Need To Pee

[audio:17_NeedToPee.mp3] (50:49) This week we talk about learning the 12 Cranial Nerves, in depth patient assessment, keeping fluids and drugs at the right temperature in the ambulance. Kelly tells you the secrets of peeing on long transports, both for the patient and the paramedic. Since Ron is learning IVs next week we talk about dealing with pediatric patients and needles, with Kelly the Pedi Stick King. Also what is a Critical Care Paramedic, does anyone really know? Apparently the Flight Medics do.

Kelly will be in Dallas this week at the EMS Expo starting on Wednesday and will be podcasting with EMS Educast, EMS Garage, and others as well as handing on EMS Newbie CDs.

On Thursday night, both Ron and Kelly will be on the Dr Anonymous show live on Blog Talk Radio.


Bevel Down IV for Pedis

Wenckebach Phenomenon, aka the Heart Block

Keys to Student Mastery of EMT Training


International Association of Flight Paramedics

University of Maryland Baltimore Department of Emergency Health Services

George Washington University EMS Degree

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