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Recorded during Ron’s EMT-Basic Class.

Ep 7 Shock & Scenarios

[audio:07_ShockScenarios.mp3] (47:35) This week Ron confesses to making his wife an EMS widow already but at least he got out of doing P90X. Hear the story about how half of Ron’s team got killed during his extraction day scenarios. His scenarios included sucking chest wounds, ejected infants, and belligerent drunk drivers distracting Ron. Kelly also tells us a lot about various kinds of shock including one that makes people faint at the toilet.

We answer two listener questions: “Does the Trendelenburg position help hypotensive patients?” from Vince DiGiulio and “What malpractice insurance would an EMT need?” from Dan Pelzel.

Since we finished talking about Kelly’s book last week we talk about his post “Why y’all looking at me like I’m the douchebag?”

During the gear section Kelly answers “What gear do you carry on the ambulance that you don’t use in the hospital?”

HPSO Insurance

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Ep 6 The Beginnings of Trauma

[audio:06_BeginningsOfTrauma.mp3] (48:03)

In this episode we talk about Trauma, or at least we start talking about it because that’s what Ron is studying. There is a discussion of learning the kinematics of trauma and then bleeding. Kelly gives a discussion on Tourniquets and not cringing at the trauma pictures.

Ron spent more time in the hospital, still with a white cloud. Learn what he learned from his preceptor this time and more discussion of 12 lead EKG.

This is the last discussion of Kelly’s book with the last chapter. Then we talk Blood Pressure machines.


Report on how people come to the hospital.

The Rale Respository of breath sounds.

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Ep 5 – First Hospital Clinical

[audio:05_FirstHospitalClinical.mp3] (53:18)

This week we talk about Ron’s first hospital clinical. His fears going in and some of the cool stuff he got to do. We also talk about the fact a 12 line EKG has 10 lines. How Ron got blood on his gloves, but Kelly didn’t like his BSI. And what paramedics do in the ER and why nurses don’t like it.

If you are new to EMS and EKGs, Kelly will tell you about the modified scrotal lead. You’ll also learn the GMFYOYO radio call.

Lastly every new EMT wants cool gear with him all the time. Find out what Kelly carries in his truck.

We answer a listener question from Timothy in Seattle about how to be the best you can be.

Mother, Juggs, and Speed

Too Old To Work, Too Young To Retire

The Thomas ALS Pack

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