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Recorded during Ron’s EMT-Basic Class.

Ep 10 I Don’t Know Nothing Bout Birth’n No Babies

[audio:10_Babies.mp3] (42:41)
This week Ron covered behavioral Emergencies and started talking about delivering babies in class. How many do you think Kelly has delivered? Find out on this episode.

Ron also passed my Patient Assessment Trauma skill on Wednesday and will attempt Patient Assessment Medical on Monday. So he asks Kelly for tips on doing that exam.

You’ll also get a complete list of books a paramedic student should be reading.

Listener Questions:

This is Cameron from Colorado. I was wondering what Kelly thinks is the best way to prepare for paramedic school? Do you think you should ready ahead as much as possible? Such as, ACLS protocol, and drug memorization or do you think there is adequate time in the class to learn this material? Also, how much experience do you think an EMT-B needs before attempting P school?

Ken – besides reading Kelly’s book (which is very expensive on amazon), is there anything I can read / watch that can help me start my learning – getting ahead of the curve??

Kelly’s Book List

Anatomy & Physiology for Emergency Care by Bryan E. Bledsoe, Frederic H. Martini, Edwin F. Bartholomew, William C Ober, Claire W. Garrison

Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide 6th edition by Judith E Tintinalli

Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s, Sixth Edition by Dale Dubin

Taigman’s Advanced Cardiology (In Plain English) by Syd Canan, Charly D. Miller, Mike Taigman

The 12-Lead ECG: In Acute Myocardial Infarction by Tim Phalen

12-Lead ECG for Acute and Critical Care Providers by Bob Page

Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies, by Neal Flomenbaum, Lewis Goldfrank, Robert Hoffman, Mary Ann Howland, Neal Lewin, Lewis Nelson

Paramedic: On the Front Lines of Medicine by Peter Canning

Rescue 471: A Paramedic’s Stories by Peter Canning

Rescuing Providence by Michael Morris

Street Dancer by Keith Neely

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Ep 9 I Am A White Cloud

[audio:09_IAmAWhiteCloud.mp3] (43:05) Show Notes

This week we talk about Ron’s super power, being a white cloud. Another ambulance shift with almost no calls again. We talk about 24 hour shifts and last minute calls. Lots of questions answered in this episode as well.

Is a Basic just a paramedic assistant? National and State EMS organizations, are they worth joining and do they do anything? Advanced airways, Good Bad or Indifferent? When should you call a helicopter? And where can we find the last chapter of Kelly’s book online?

Grief Sponge


Ep 8 Boring Ambulance and Stupid Skills

[audio:08_BoringAmbulance.mp3] (49:38) Well Ron lost is ambulance virginity on a Friday night and was basically bored. Everybody built it up, but his shift wasn’t that exciting. But after being up all night he got on Skype with Kelly and that is always interesting. They talked about his shift, and about the skills he is learning to be tested on and how a couple of them are just stupid. At least in Ron’s opinion. And learn the truth about activated charcoal.

There was a discussion of practicing in different states and how that is a mess. The upcoming accreditation standard for paramedic schools won’t make it any better, but it should help in the National Registry states. Didn’t understand that sentence? It is all explained in the podcast.

What do you say to someone who just lost a loved one? Kelly’s post, Seeking Words of Balm is the topic of discussion this week. And on gear, Ron takes issue with Kelly swiss army knife of trauma shears.

We also answer a question about how much time Ron is spending studying and Kelly gives his take on how long you should take.

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