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Interview Questions for Bob Page

This is short notice. We’re recording tomorrow night, so give me questions quick!

I met Bob at the Texas EMS conference when I went to his workshop on stethoscopy. It was awesome and I’m sure regular listeners remember hearing me talk about it.

I also went to his lecture on 15 lead EKG. Yes, 15 lead.

Bob is an EMS educator from Missouri. He’s the one I mentioned gave his student Littman Cardiology stethoscopes when they passed his stethoscope training.

We’ll be talking about those things and EMS education in the interview. But what questions do you have for Bob.

We Need Your Questions

This not having school for a month sure makes doing a weekly podcast hard. Of course giving my brain a break is good.

Ask A Question
We need your questions.

All that to say, we’re taking next week off. Not Newbie coming out Wednesday Jan 12, 2010.

And the next week we need your help. Since there is still now school, we’re going to do a Listener Question and Answer episode.

Obviously we need questions.

You can give them to us 3 ways.

1. Post them as a comment on this post.
2. Leave a voicemail question. Call 281-738-2102.
3. Send it to us via the contact form.

You could also wrap it in a Benjamin and mail it to me. Let me know if you need the address.

Questions for Dr Drees

In the next week or so I’m going to be interviewing Dr Bill Drees, the head of the Lone Star College-North Harris EMS program. As a student I’ve got a few questions for him, but what about the rest of you?

Dr Drees says he has strong opinions about how EMS education should be done, and I know some of our listeners do as well. What questions do you have for the head of one of 15 accredited programs in Texas?

Leave them in the comments below.