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53 Sinus Dysrhythmia

(31:01) This week Ron learned about dysrhythmia – and wonders whether the interpreting of rhythms is an art or a science. Ron and Kelly discuss different methods of reading strips, whether or not Ron should have multiple sources for learning to read them, and the difference between ECG and EKG.


Basic Arrhythmias by Gail Walraven
Rapid Interpretation of EKG’s by Dale Dubin
Taigman’s Advanced Cardiology (In Plain English) by Syd Canan, Charly D. Miller, Mike Taigman

Pocket Reference to The 12-Lead ECG in Acute Coronary Syndromes by Tim Phalen, Barbara J Aehlert
12-Lead ECG for Acute and Critical Care Providers by Bob Page
Tom Bouthillet’s EMS 12-lead blog

Assessing Mental Status article

Can they really refuse your care? by Kelly

Listener Questions

An anonymous caller asks about how to navigate being the new guy, when there are HIPAA violations and other questionable practices in the service where they are employed.
Harry Ford sends in an interesting cheat/trick when checking uniformity in a rhythm strip. Kelly comments on the idea.
Can a basic take PHTLS?

51 Cardiac Anatomy

(21:10) Ron talks about learning the electrical parts of the heart, as well as the different chambers, and the part of the heart that looks like a Bishop’s mitre hat.

Kelly talks about why one needs the anatomy of the heart even though it isn’t used directly all that often.

There is also discussion of syncytium, and intercalated discs.

Ron also had an interview for an EMS job and talks about how to answer interview questions.

Listener Questions

EMS Freak: In a previous episode Kelly discussed a good pulse taking technique using two fingers – which is the finger with which you apply more pressure and why is it better?
Elias: I am getting a new tattoo and want it to be an EMS logo and a slogan…looking for somthing witty yet poignant…suggestions?