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57 A Cute Syndrome

(25:26) Stroke and Acute Coronary Syndrome were the ACLS topics of the week. Kelly talks about AHA’s sorid past with stroke, and Ron talks about medics that missed his father in law’s stroke.

“Everyone gets Oxygen” Really? Kelly doesn’t think so. Nor does the AHA.

Hey Nurses, what the mass of a grain? Doesn’t matter, cuz Kelly says any doc that still perscribes it that way should be avoided.

CEVO or Defensive Driving? Hard for Ron to tell the difference.


Kilts for a Cure

Listener Questions

White Rush, do you have it?
Caitlin: A question for Kelly and Ron. What is your favorite drug and why? Looking forward to hearing Kelly’s answer especially because I bet it’ll be funny.

55 Ventricular Rhythms

(36:05) Continuing on learning the language of the heart Kelly & Ron discuss Battlestar Galactica (the original series) as well as places further down the heart. Ventricular rhythms, the pulseless part of the algorithm (PEA), why to give drugs or epi first, when to use Edison therapy, or when it is time to all in to end efforts. Also, Kelly discusses how things one learns in school, and the algorithms for giving drugs, can be very very different than what may happen in the field.

Listener Questions

EMS Freak asks how strong, physically, does one need to be to be successful in EMS.