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EMS Garage Mention

If you are an EMS Newbie or experienced EMS provider and you aren’t listen to the EMS Garage Podcast, you should be.

It is a weekly round table with thought leaders in EMS about the real issues everyone is facing. From C-Spine immobilization or cardiac monitoring to “Does EMS eat their young?” and “What is the Future of EMS?”, it covers everything.

This week, on Episode 91: Fava Beans, they mention our humble podcast, which was especially relevant to the discussion of Does EMS Eat Their Young.

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Ep 3 – DNR, Palpation and Medical Control

[audio:03_DNRPalpationMedicalControl.mp3] (39:18)

This week we talk about Ron’s first test and getting his shots finished up. Kelly gives some insight into what the National Registry test questions are like as well.

Then we go into taking vitals and Kelly gives a really great tip on palpating a pulse. We talk about medical control. How Kelly contacts them and when he does.

In the gear section we discuss blood pressure cuffs. And from he book and class we talk about DNRs and how Kelly deals with that one family member who wants you to do the resuscitation anyway.


There is a DNR Bracelet in Texas as well.
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