83 Newbie JD Meyerdirk

(23:49) Ron’s not going to be a paramedic in the near future so we are talking with some other newbies. JD Meyerdirk is getting ready to start paramedic school and we sit down with him to talk about it.

We also talk about Kilted to Kick Cancer a lot. It starts September first and Kelly’s got another contest with even more great prizes.


Kilted to Kick Cancer
Kilted to Kick Cancer Texas
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Alt Kilt
Kilt This
Blinn College

3 thoughts on “83 Newbie JD Meyerdirk”

  1. JD, I also have a Parks and Rec degree and became a paramedic many years later. You will probably find like me that your degree and camp experiences will prepare you well for EMS and eventually getting involved in EMS education. I was able to leverage my experience with adult education and program design from recreation work to involvement in EMS education. Good luck with your studies. 

  2. Glad to hear that this show is back! I’m done with paramedic school and I have my state of FL paramedic license, but I’m still glad to learn from this show!

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