(25:00) Despite many many failures, Ron has finally come to the end of his Paramedic training experience. This week he retook the skill he failed, and took his NREMT-P cognitive exam. Listen to find out the results.

What I Did This Week

On Saturday I went to the ALERT Academy in Big Sandy Texas and retook my pedi-vent skill. A very nice female paramedic gave me a test prep book. Which I only had one day to use and didn’t really get all the way through it.

I really haven’t studied a lot. Took a number of tests on MedicTests.com. That was really it, and not even the number they suggested.

On Monday I took the test fully expecting abject failure. I even convinced my wife I was going to fail. I told her if I finished at 70 questions, I know I’ve failed.


EMT-Paramedic (P) PreTest Self Assessment and Review

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