78 Plug The Holes

(35:31) Ron finally had that call he was so worried about when he started EMT Basic all those years ago. He’s almost done with paramedic school, finishing up clinicals and classes over the next couple of weeks.

What I Did This Week

Assessment Based Management

Learned from one of the instructors – stick by what you decided. Don’t doubt yourself.
The oral station on the paramedic skills test is D&D for paramedics.


Plugged a hole in the side of someone’s head so air wouldn’t come out.

One of my biggest fears was dealing with the super gross.

Getting good at identifying dead. Well maybe not so much.

Being comfortable. Getting aggressive.

53 calls. 265 hours.

Listener Questions

Have you or kelly ever treated a patient with Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP)? How would you go about treating a patient?
Hey Ron & Kelly, are any of you going to be at EMS Today in Baltimore, MD. Like to meet you both, I live in Baltimore and am A Volunteer EMT here
Rob asks:
“Ok I have a question then on documentation what do we mark a transgender patient as? If they look like a male but have female parts or vice versa ”

5 thoughts on “78 Plug The Holes”

  1. Hey guys, as far as the transgender patient is concerned, we get that quite a bit out here.  It is appropriate to document their anatomical status on the chart, but refer to them as they wish to be addressed.  If Bill still has lady parts, he is documented as femals.  If Sally still has man parts, she is documented as male.  Clear as mud?

  2.  I think in the “HPI” it could go a little further (“gender dysphoria” being the 50 cent medical term for when phenotypic sex doesn’t make gender) and include “pre-op” vs “post-op” status.

    “Sally is a 30 y/o male to female pre-op transexual” seems to be more complete than “Sally is a 30 y/o male.”

  3. I am lovin the newbiecast lately! It is really interesting to hear your perspective of seeing scenarios and equipment used differently than you’ve learned. I was sad that the podcasts would end as your classes did.

    I’ve been listening since the first one (which I found by accident!) and i’m so glad they just keep getting better!

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