75 Real Medic Stuff Now

(45:44) We’re back from a long break and the Newbie has been busy. Ron started his clinical internship and have now done 4 24 hour shifts with one crew at the Harris County Emergency Corps.

He’s learning a lot, here’s some of the thing Ron and Kelly talk about:
How to use the IV cath right
How to do CHART. I now understand it and even take notes in it.
Running calls. Lasted about 30 seconds in my first call.
Turns out it was likely a AAA( Or was it? Listen to Kelly’s comment), but it was seizures with a fall to start and I just didn’t know what to do.
Vs ran my first MVC yesterday and did pretty good. A little too much scene time. Not enough delegation.
My preceptor is really good. She reviews calls after I run them, gives good feedback. Let’s me beat myself up only so much.
Also gives me homework. Quizzing me on my ALS.

1/6 = 6
1/12= 3
12/29 = 6
1/4 = 6

Started my new job.
Service is really different.
Big difference between a 2 paramedic truck and a Paramedic/Basic truck.
Kelly do you do truck chores? Or is that all on the other guy?
New experiences there:
System status management.
Working 12 instead of 24.
Going to prison.
Not having 2 level 1 trauma hospitals at your beck and call.

Sorry for not keeping up with the show, but as you see Ron and been doing something every day. Now we’re both on weird EMS schedules, so expect Newbie will be on a weird schedule too. Not more releasing on a particular day, because we may not be able to record on a regular one.