73 Environmental Emergencies

(29:40) Ron has his last lecture of paramedic school and it is about Environmental Emergencies.

What I Did This Week

Medical Emergencies

Environmental Emergencies
Do you have a low temperature thermometer?
We’ll see hypothermia in Houston because there are lots of ways to have it happen, but she said not going to see frostbite. Then my wife posted to FB it was snowing in Abilene.
Fresh vs saltwater
Fresh washes away surfactant.
Since salt water is osmotic, do you risk hypovolemia?

Special Populations

Final review


Final paperwork


ALTE University of Chicago

Listener Questions

Hey Kelly and Ron. Or is it Ron and Kelly? I’ve been following he podcast since the beginning as I was starting EMT B right after Ron. It was a cool experience to go through the class while listening to Ron’s show at the same time. Now I am half way through P school. My school is segregated in to thirds. Didactic-Clincals-Externship (intern). Unfortunately I have become extremely unmotivated during my clinicals. I know this is an important part of the learning process but it’s really dragging me down. I know the general answer to many issues is to “man up”, but I was wondering if this is common and if you have any advice on making it through this phase. In my EMS experience there is nothing I dislike more than working in an ER. I really appreciate the folks who can spend a career in there.


Could y’all talk about ALTE’s? It relates to the blue baby that resolves prior to EMS arrival. After having one of these, I did research on it and it apparently can be a precursor to SIDS. Our protocol mandates that we always, always, always transport these kids due to that risk. Is this related to the cardiac conditions Kelly discussed, or is it different?

We discuss airway obstruction beyond the vocal cords.

What was your first Oh $#!T moment as a EMT and as a paramedic What did you learn from it? – Andaew
Michael wrote:
Kelly, Are you one hundred percent positive that 250 mLs of D5W has the same of amount of dextrose and D50. My math shows that 250 mLs of D5W would have 12.5 g of dextrose (glucose). Just curious.

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  1. I was listening to the podcast about cold.  Being cold, wet  and in the wind can be enough to chill someone too much.  It happened to me after a fire in July the rehab sector set up a misting fan to cool the firefighters, I ended up being cooled to the point that I was shivering. The loan of a dry T-Shirt and a few minutes in the sun helped reverse the shivering.  It was an interesting experience being so chilled on a 90 degree day that it resulted in shivering.  I am used to being chilled in the winter not during the summer.  

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