70 Toxicology and Abuse


(42:15) Ron and Kelly talk about overdoses and antidotes, how to deal with calls that have signs of domestic abuse, and we hear that Ron’s white cloud, may be getting a bit more grey…

What I Did This Week

Medical Emergencies

*What are typical overdoses?*
Do you carry any antidotes?
Warming activated charcoal?
Carry ipecac syrup? Use it?
Given/use Flumazenil for Benzodiazepines OD?
Cyanide anti-dote kit?
Huffers use gold paint.
Procardia – not given because people would OD it in gel tablet sublingual.
Calcium Channel we give calcium to fix
Beta-blockers we don’t give beta-agonist

Special Populations



Lots of calls. Last EMS. Funny crew.


Harris County Emergency Corp

Listener Questions

This a random question for Ron: Do you plan on advancing any further once you get your paramedic? Like maybe to a PA or nurse, or go the route Kelly took and specialize in a particular branch of EMS?I’m still loving the podcast!

    I’m not sure on what the standards are in Texas but many states nowadays allow NPs to practice independently from a doctor and actually open their own practice, prescribe medication, etc.