64 Hormones

(49:11) 2 tests two fails. Ron says, “The ICU scares me.” Kelly talks about how is GSW, first ICU patient, and first dead body transport were the same person.

In Pediatric IO how do you hold the leg? In Newborn resuscitation, using the ET for suctioning, do you use a new tube each time you go in? In the past it was “baby is pink, baby is good”, now AHA has preductal PSa02 values

Kelly learns something new, you can use alcohol to stop labor because it decreases ADH and oxytocin.

Ron studied the endocrine system this week and discovered just how many of our drugs are hormones.


Guillain-Barre syndrome

Listener Questions

Hi guys, I’ve got a hell of a stupid question for you 2. Since getting my EMT-B back in July, I’ve been debating whether or not to get my intermediate. My sole reason is IVs. The thought of sticking a needle in through my skin makes me cringe. I absolutely hate getting IVs and getting blood drawn. And I know that in the case of EMT-I & Paramedic courses they make you practice on each other. Having been on the receiving end of an IV catheter, and being a rediculously bad stick, I was wondering if you both had opinions as to 2 things: 1 Is it possible to get through EMT-I without having anyone stick you? I absolutely HATE and DETEST getting IVs stuck in me by experienced medical providers, let alone beginners at sticking IVs. And 2. any suggestions as to how to get over this fear? I absolutely love EMS and I want to be the best provider I can be, but I am the absolute worst patient that any medical provider would want to have.

(Side note: when I got my wisdom teeth taken out, the original plan was an in-office procedure. Well, since the oral surgeon decided to use a pedi needle on me, she missed 3 times and I had to go to an OR to get it done. Even there, 1 nurse missed in my arm, and the anesthesiologist eventually got me in the hand. Apparently my veins hide.)

My old 56 year old self went and done it. Enrolled in P school. Starts in January. In A and P now. My question is .Is there a good place for buying the books to put on a E reader type device. I am to elderly to carry around all those books. Thanks and I have gotten set up with Medic Tests as well;. Great Site. Thanks and kind regards.

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  1. Hey guys, sorry play the role of the nitpicker again, but for the record I just wanted to clarify one small side point you made during the podcast. In it, Kelly states that Guillain-Barre is a descending paralysis, but in fact it is ascending. Not too long ago I encountered a patient with new onset Guillain-Barre, and in the course of a day in the ED with us he went from lower extremity weakness to being intubated for respiratory failure; quite a dramatic progression.
    As always, thanks for the awesome podcast. What you two put out every week is consistently one of the best EMS offerings on the internet both in terms of entertainment and education.

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