62 EMSWorld Expo Recap

(27:11) Ron missed the first week of school because off EMSWorld Expo, so the guys talk about what happen there. Answering questions like, “What’s the most memorable thing that happen to you at the expo?”, “See any cool gadgets at the show?” and “What’s it like to be kilted in Vegas?”


Ron’s Kilted to Kick Cancer Page
Kelly’s Kilted to Kick Cancer Page
Kilted to Kick Cancer
Video of EMSWorld Expo show.

Listener Questions

Hey guys –
Totally off topic, but a burning question – do you remove fishhooks?

Our medics have been doing this “forever” except there’s one small problem – it’s not in our protocols. (and apparently our medical director was livid when the paramedics & EMT-I’s admitted to doing this)

We have a rural practice – over an hour by land to a community hospital, over an hour by air to a level 2 trauma center.

I’m an Emergency Medical Responder currently, but even I realize there is a difference between a fishhook in the finger, just through the skin, and one embedded in an eye or a “true impalement” Like a shark hook in the gut.
I would like to get both your takes on this.


A. Ranger

Well, I must admit Ron and Kelly were my first experiences in EMS. I listened to all 60 of the podcasts before actually beginning my EMT-B class. I was originally supposed to be taking the class in March, but some technical difficulties made me postpone my actual program start date until September 27th, 2011.

Although I had considered myself fairly internet savvy, I have no experience in the blogosphere. After listening to the Newbie podcasts, I then started listening to the EMS Garage podcasts.

I see the websites of ems1.com, JEMS, Happy Medic, TOTWTYTR, but I am painfully inexperienced with the whole blog world. I have also never heard of “RSS feeds.”

The Oregon EMS conference is coming up and is actually the three days prior to my EMT-B 105/106 accelerted course beginning.

I need help connecting with the blogosphere community, especially in my area. I plan on attending the conference as a student, which is acceptable as long as I show my registration, but I will be attending before every stepping foot inside of a classroom.

I fount the OregonEms.Org’s facebook and requested to join their group.

Basically, what I need is help beginning my hopefully long-term connection with the EMS online “scene”, especially local. It would be great to connect on the internet with some of the attendees of the conference so I can have someone to meet once I get to Salem, if at the very least to give me an EMS welcome, hi, hug, or high-5. I am nervous, brand new, and have no resources. With the ridiculous amount of information I have devoured in the preceeding months, I am sure this is for me.

Please help connect me to “scene”, I know its out there, in full force.

Morgan Godvin

Adam in Chicago asked about Nitro and inferior wall MIs.

6 thoughts on “62 EMSWorld Expo Recap”

  1. Thank you Ron and Kelly! I am Morgan, unfortunately that would be Morgan Elizabeth, not Morgan as in a boy’s name. Darn that ambiguity. Well, before listening to this podcast I took my shot at entering the blog world. I preemptively titled it Medic Morgan. Now I’m thinking I should definitely rename it to make my gender a little more obvious. Or maybe not, since you can tell by my picture and profile.

    I want to get you’re opinion and/or approval of doing a Confessions of an EMS Newbie; part 2. Or EMS newbie of the west. Or the like. If I can find a seasoned reputable paramedic, like Kelly, to walk me through my schooling in a podcast as well. Although the concept is not original, and it’s well… Yours… I think it could work.

    As you know EMS is an ever-changing field. My schooling would be using the newest edition of the textbook, the newest guidelines, and the Oregon standardized curriculum.

    Everything would be current, and in today’s instantaneous world, current means relevant. Also, coming from a totally different locality, there is another sector of relevance for potential listeners.

    At the very least, I will be blogging about my experiences. Bob S. of 3 Boxes of BS gave me a jump start of publicity after I chimed in on one of his more controversial blogs with a dissenting opinion.

    Let me know what you think!
    I can be found at medicmorgan.blogspot.com, and on Twitter @Moregonian503, and email MorganOfOregon@yahoo.com.

  2. In addition to blogs, another good place to get started discussing EMS is the various forums. The two biggest forums that I know of is http://www.EMTCity.com and http://www.EMTLife.com.  While much less active, the forum at connect.jems.com is generally populated by a lot of the heavy hitters in EMS, such as Rogue Medic, Skip Kirkwood (chief of Wake County EMS), Tom Bouthillet (EMS 12 Lead), among others. Additionally, one thing that sets JEMS Connect apart from the other forums is a much larger amount of posters use their real name instead of a handle (screen name).

    EMTLife and EMTCity, EMS 2.0 before EMS 2.0 was in vogue.

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