Road ID

We mentioned Road ID in response to a listener question awhile back, but they are making a push to get the word out to First Responders, so I’m making a special post about it.

I’m sending the following message to the fellow medics at my service:

Road ID is like a Medic Alert bracelet, but aimed at the athletic community. You may see them on runners, cyclist etc.

They are making a push to educate First Responders about their product, so I thought I’d pass the info along.

IMPORTANT DIFFERENCES between Medic Alert and RoadID.

1. Locations, in addition to wrist and neck, RoadIDs can be around the ankle and attached to the shoe.
2. They look different. The bands are colored nylon or plastic, not silver medal.
3. Two different kinds: They have a regular tag that can have 6 lines of information on it, and an interactive tag that includes a 800 number to call and get a complete medical profile.

Remember you will probably encounter these tags on athletes and at sporting events, but my bet is if someone needs an alert bracelet, they aren’t going to have a different one when they aren’t running. So you may see them anywhere.

Attached is a graphic that shows where to find them and what they look like.

More information can be found at their website: