Your Website Sucks Presentation

….the first 15 minutes.

This was for my class Methods of Teaching EMS. We had to produce a lesson plan and present it as a class project. I had submitted a CFP (Call For Papers) to the Texas EMS Conference for next year about EMS websites and how they could be better.

Always looking for a provocative title, I called it Your Website Sucks. When I found out we where going to do a lesson plan and presentation for the class I asked to do this one. Worked out because someone from Texas EMS contacted me a week or so ago and asked if I had anything to add to my CFP. I said, yeah here’s my modified lesson plan, all wizbang and NAEMSE compliant.

As our final project we had to submit the first 10 minutes of the presentation. I had planned to have some pre-roll for the lecture. It would run before the presentation officially started, so the first 5 minutes of this can be skipped, not that you will.

  • I haven’t many presentations where I was a little irritated by it stopping.  You have a great beginning and I want more.  Perhaps in the future a “How to make good presentations” should be made by you.

  • Anonymous

    Great presentation! One thing I do not like about is that you do not the scene from The Walking Dead when the guy bashes in his ambulance which is a disapointment! Also, I think if you gave me 30 minutes I could find much worse scenes from Trauma! Besides that I love it! Great use of media in the classroom.

  • Might find worse scene’s Peter, but none that grab people’s attention
    like the sex in the ambulance does. The head of my department was
    grading it while I was in with another teacher and he came over to
    tell her about that being in my presentation.

  • Mike

    I second Scott’s idea!