46 Almost Intermediate

(29:00) More trauma skills testing, EMS Ops test, and a volunteer shift, for Ron this week. He also has some questions about how long it is before the new paramedic becomes the in-charge. Clinical internship – should you do it with your own service?


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Listener Questions

AJ – Hello! I have a question about overdose. I am an EMT-B, but I am very interested in physiology and toxicology. I was recently called to a pt who had tried to kill himself using standard medicine cabinet – 1/2 bottle of exedrine, 1/2 bottle of aleve, 12 tablespoons of robutussin, unknown number of an unknown type of sleeping pills prescribed to someone else. Pt had consumed them over an hour ending 1/2 an hour before calling EMS. When we arrived, pt had HR at 100 and bounding, BP 150/60, skin pink, warm, diaphoretic, RR16 and adequate, only complaint was dizziness. My partner and I have been debating about O2 on this call. He says “it can’t hurt, and might help.” I say the mask would freak him out, and I would rather not have to cuff him to get him in the bus, unless he starts having trouble breat hing or showing sings of hypoxia. What are your thoughts? Follow protocol, and lose your pt’s compliance, or get him in the bus, monitor vitals, and be ready? Will O2 be physiologically helpful?

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  1.  It is interesting that you choose to write your paper about photography in ems.  Have you seen The Sterile Eye blog written  by a  Norwegian medical photographer.  I wonder how many american hospitals employ staff medical photographers? Norwegian medical photographer.  I wonder how many american hospitals employ staff medical photographers?

  2.  I have a question for your next episode. I had a call today, a woman in her early 30’s had some breathing problems. The patient had bilateral ronchi in lower lobes. No wheezing heard. The patient has cystic fibrosis. The seiner paramedic did an albuterol treatment. Not that I really disagree with that treatment, I wanted to know what would be an ideal treatment for an acute CF attack. I checked on the patient later on and it turns out she actually had pneumonia. Was albuterol the ideal treatment, or could this made a patient worse? 
    Love the podcast, 
    p.s. sidekick idea, if you haven’t already Mr Smithers to Mr Burns. 
    Also Dr. Raymond Stanz (Ray) to Dr. Egon Spengler (Egon) 

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