39 Head Trauma

(30:04) Ron did PHTLS this week and covered head trauma. We talk about the Hatchet manuver for intubation, the Parkland forumula, doing a Head to toe in the vehicle, and the Tickles test for pedi trauma.

The Brains of My Trauma Class
The Brains of My Trauma Class, Ms O'Connor, my laptop, the screen of notes.

Listener Questions

Elias –
Our system received a grant from the state for a new AED/Cardiac Monitor and have a couple choices. Do you have any preference of brands? i know we’re looking at a Zoll device and a Lifepack device and they both seem very similar, though the lifepack seems more rugged. Have you had experience with either?

Also, what’s your thought of pre-hospital autopulse cpr devices? The zoll monitor comes with one and i’m not sure if that’s a boon or a curse.


TICLS – Tone, Interactibility, Consolability/color, Look and gaze, Speech/Cry.

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