Ep 33 Trauma Centers

[audio:33_TraumaCenters.mp3] (43:43) School is in full swing and Ron has a bunch of questions. This week we talk about the use and over use of lights and sirens, why picking the right hospital is critical in trauma, and photography in the field. The newbie also asks flight nurse/flight medic, why do we need both?

Listener Questions

Crystal asks I’m a EMT-Basic student in SC, I will be graduating soon and I’m worried about finding a job. Is there any advice you can give on job hunting?


The Cult of Mechanism

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3 thoughts on “Ep 33 Trauma Centers”

  1. Treating based on MOI AND abuse of HEMS?

    Sounds like an Episode of Freeway Patrol!

    My favorite misguided argument about nurses vs paramedics is that nurses require orders for everything. Which shows, of course, an amazing misunderstanding of what exactly the protocol book represents.

  2. Great show guys. I will have to admit that what Kelly said about the job market for a EMT-Basic. There are only a few private ambulance companies around here (Southern Lower Michigan / Indiana ). A lot of my Basic instructors work for the predominate ambulance company in area. I think I have a good shot at getting hired with them when i get my license. As far as helicopter usage around here, our area is very rural the nearest trauma center is an hour by ground and the nearest hospital can be at least 30 – 45 minutes by ground. So chopper usage is at times very inportant.

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