Ep 29 One Done

[audio:29_OneDone.mp3] (32:55) Finals week is over and Ron went on his first shift as a volunteer. We talk about finals and having high standards. We also talk about testing and how it is done in colleges now and what that means for the student. Ron got to meet his medical director where he is volunteering and we talk a little about medical direction in EMS. Ron’s medical director actually pulled the ambulance crew while he was working and gave them some intubation tips, which he shares on the podcast.

Listener Questions

Kelly and Ron, I’m going to be starting classes for my EMT basic in a few months and I’m pretty nervous. I know I’m smart and capable but I’m only 5 feet tall. Do you think this will be a problem on the job? Or will I not be taken
seriously because of my size? Thanks….JJ


Study Hacks
Four Hour Work
by Tim Ferris
Street Medicine Society
Univ of Pittsburgh EMS Fellowship
Scary EMS story for the smallest medic.(Looking Through A Pair Of Pink Handled Trauma Shears)
(They call them emergency cots)
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2 thoughts on “Ep 29 One Done”

  1. As a 5’2″ EMT, I can give your small medic a good pointer… use your belt to help you pick up the end of the stretcher. That final inch or two to get the power stretcher into the unit is a *itch. Kind of “hook” that bottom lifting bar onto the top of your belt and it will let you use your legs instead of trying to exceed the power lift with your biceps. Do wear a strong, wide belt though! I was taught this trick by another short medic I was working with and it has made a HUGE difference. If you are not using a power stretcher, place that bottom lifting rail in the crook of your arm… it will give you enough extra range to get the stretcher in.

    You should also have someone in the truck to help scoot the stretcher into the antlers because if you park on the side of the road in many neighborhoods, the crown on the street will cause the stretcher to drift towards the bench seat.

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