Questions for Mark Glencorse

Getting ready for Special Interview #2 where we will interview UK Medic Mark Glencorse aka Medic 999. Mark has been a Paramedic Team Leader for over 10 years and before that was a Registered Nurse.

Medic 999 is well known in the EMS Blogosphere for his work with the Chronicles of EMS, a video show where he came to the US and worked with Justin Schorr in San Francisco. He has had a unique opportunity to experience EMS in the US. We’ll get the chance to talk to him about how things are the same and different in the two countries. He also ran into some conflict with his system for his blogging and left the blogosphere for awhile, but is back now.

Once again I ask you the listeners, what should I ask Mark? Give us your answers in the comments.

This interview will have both Kelly and Ron on the interview.

  • Ctroberts01

    What made him decide to make EMS a career? Is he familiar with a fire-station/dispatch center near Throckly? As I got to visit there when I was over visiting some friends in Newcastle.

  • Chris

    – What do you think works better in the UK system that we need in the US systems?
    – What protocols/treatments were you suprised at when you visited the US, be it rudimentary, advanced, or just strange?

  • An ever pressing issue here….pay differences. Is the respect that a Paramedic gets in the UK equal to or less than that an RN gets. And by the same token, what is the pay grade difference

  • What laws or regulations control your ability to route people away from the A&E?

  • Timothy Clemans

    With what you know now what would you have done differently as a student?

  • That is a great question Timothy. I may even ask it to Kelly.

  • Sal

    He is one of the few RNs turning Paramedic. that’s quite different from majority of the Paramedics becoming Nurses. What made him do that?