SP01 Interview Dr Bryan Bledsoe

[audio:SP1_DrBledsoeInterview.mp3] (53:17) This is a special episode where the EMS Newbie, Ron Davis, interviews Dr Bryan Bledsoe. As Kelly puts it, Dr. Bledsoe is a rock star in EMS. He speaks at numerous EMS conferences, teaches Emergency Medicine at the UNLV Medical School, and literally wrote the book on Paramedic Care. The 5 volume set Paramedic Care Principles and Practices is the text book for Ron and many paramedic’s training to get his EMT-P. He also wrote another of Ron’s textbook, Prehospital Emergency Pharmacology (6th Edition). He co-wrote with Kelly the SUCCESS! for the Critical Care Paramedic book, to prepare paramedics to get their Critical Care certification.

In this interview Ron talks with Dr. Bledsoe about why he is so involved in EMS. What changes he’s seen over the years and where he sees EMS going in the future. He answers listener questions, including what makes a good paramedic, what’s up with O2 administration being a bad thing, and are standing orders enough. There is also a little talk about how patient assessment taught in his book for paramedics is like that taught to medical students and if paramedics make better med students.

Lot’s of interesting stuff so give it a listen.

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10 thoughts on “SP01 Interview Dr Bryan Bledsoe”

  1. Nice interview, Ron. Now you see why Bryan is one of my heroes. The man’s got passion by the bucket load, and more common sense than most.

  2. Ron & Dr. Bledsoe, incredible interview. I’ll be spending time researching free-radicals now… seems like I have mostly seen the term associated with cosmetics. Not exactly helpful for EMS! The logical approach he advocates makes SO much sense! And, yes, the reason I pulled out the old EMT-P book was to do research and get more details on the topic… between me and the hubby, we have accumulated quite the EMS and nursing library since 1975.

    Dr. Bledsoe has truly earned his stripes as the “Rock Star of EMS”. Thanks to both of you!

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