Ep 16 – Shooting Your Face Off

[audio:16_ShootingFaceOff.mp3] (29:43) This week we talk about an EMS guide to suicide, and how to start an tube on someone without a face. Ron’s finally offical, having passed his National Registry test and be certified by Texas as and EMT.

From class we talk about taking a patient history from a hypoglycemic diabetic is a waste of time, and how to establish and maintain a relationship with other healthcare professionals.

Kelly will be at the EMS Expo in Dallas September 27-OCt 1 and will have CDs with the first 13 episodes of Confessions to hand out and autograph.

We’ll both be on the Dr Anonymous show Thursday Sept 30 at 8PM Central Time.


8 thoughts on “Ep 16 – Shooting Your Face Off”

  1. At the risk of appearing like I just enjoy seeing my own comments on the blog, I must say (again) how much I love this podcast! Since I’m not an EMT yet (but am SO looking forward to becoming one), it’s my one time a week that I get to think about EMS-related issues from the perspective of someone who, not long ago, was where I am now.

    Which reminds me: It sounds like your son is the EMS newbie now! You, on the other hand, are moving closer and closer to expert! You had quite the advantage having someone like Kelly to mentor you through training–are you passing on some nuggets of wisdom to him to help him with his training, or does he feel the need to develop his own podcast? 😉

    Kelly, I get the impression from the podcast that you are obviously a teacher. Do you teach EMT-B classes? If so, are you going to be teaching one somewhere in south Louisiana, say fall of 2011? *crosses fingers* =D

  2. I was just thinking today “When will I stop being a newbie?” I’m
    thinking after I’ve be working full time as a paramedic for two years,
    which is a way off.

    That doesn’t mean that at some point we won’t need to bring on a new
    newbie to the podcast. My son listens sometimes and I try to pass on
    what I’ve learned to him. We ride to and from class together each
    night so we have about an hour to talk EMS. It is good to have
    something in common with your 17 year old son to talk about.


  3. I am an LVN , i’m currently in a RN program at my community college. Our next test is over resp. chapter. please post the acidosis, alkolosis system for dummies. Our class is all online. Great job on the podcast. Keep it up.

  4. Just wanted to thank you, Kelly, for the discussion on acid-base balance. Please, please, please post the “Idiot” guide you referenced! Can you also cover alpha and beta medications? I think if I can get a better grasp on the physiology behind them, I will be in far better shape than just trying to memorize them.

    See you at Expo later this week… I want my book signed!

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